On top of passing options via the command line, Goblint can be configured with json files following the schema outlined in the Options reference (also on the sidebar) or using one of the default configurations we provide.

Example Configurations for Goblint

The repository contains some example configurations for the Goblint analyzer in the folder conf/examples. If Goblint is installed these can be accessed without the conf prefix, e.g. with ./goblint --conf examples/large-programs.json.

  • very-precise.json: Enables some of the more expensive abstract domains and features, especially useful for smaller programs
  • medium-program.json: Enables some costly features, but staying away from the very expensive ones. This is very close to, e.g. the configuration we use for SV-COMP
  • large-programs.json: Minimal configuration for larger programs, should run fast even for large programs, but usually needs to be made more precise by adding further features.

JSON schema


In .vscode/settings.json add the following:

    "json.schemas": [
            "fileMatch": [
            "url": "/src/config/options.schema.json"